Car Stereo Cookbook (TAB Electronics)

The first edition of this book was written six years ago. Since then, there have been some significant developments in the area of car audio (and video). In addition, many of the products featured in the first edition are now obsolete. While the first edition of the book continues to sell, we have seen a bit of a slow-down at major accounts. This edition promises to be even more successful than the last. Car Stereo Cookbook, 2e is a completely revamped edition of a hugely successful title that continues to sell. This revised book will include new information on mobile video, satellite radio, mp3, wma, digital broadcast radio, and will eliminate the out-of-date products that are no longer pertinent.

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2 Responses to Car Stereo Cookbook (TAB Electronics)

  1. Mark Carter says:

    Car Stereo Cookbook I give due credit for my outstanding audio to the “Car Stereo Cookbook”. I found far more audio system information than I will ever need, but scanning through the chapters(and actually reading some) gave me the information I needed to design and install a system in my vehicle. I thought subs were only for gangsta’s, but this 44 year old avid hunter now has one in my 4×4 truck, and wouldn’t trade for it. Although Rumreich does get rather technical in some areas, the average…

  2. Joe J. Kern says:

    Undefined Terms Rumreich makes the undefinable assumption that the reader “is a beginner but has some knowledge of car stereos.” So exactly how much knowledge is that? Much of the information takes you from beginner to intermediate, but many terms remain undefined. Who’s to say that the reader should already know the difference between a 12dB/octave slope and an 18dB/octave slope in a crossover? I sure didn’t, and I had to look at another book to find out, making me question the usefulness of…