Car Speed Radar Detector, SQdeal Auto Radar Laser Speed Gun Detector with LED Display 360 Degree Safty Voice Alert (Black)

1.About the Signal :
Support X K Ka Ku VG-2 band. (Ku band radar gun currently being used in Europe. So if you are Russian buyer, this band cannot be detected. )
Our model only support flow motion detection, cannot detect the traffic camera.
This model can detect police radar gun 200-800 meters ahead. Detection range will be slightly different according to traffic status, landscape and climate.
When the detection range is not satisfied, please adjust the location and angle of the radar device .The less interference, the farther reaction distance .You can also use wave amplifier if possible.
2.About Mode Setting :
This item has two mode setting (City / Highway).”City Mode” sensitivity is relatively lower than “Highway Mode”. This product don’t have auto mute system cannot eliminates false alerts virtually.
There are many similar radar signals in the city will interfere radar detector , even appear false alarming .Include other car radar detector , cameras and auto door in the market / bank and other interfere. This is a normal and cannot be avoided. We advice you switch to the City Mode manually and turn down the volume

3.About Language Adjustment:
This product both has English & Russian Voice. (Press “MENU” for 3 seconds, to change speaking language.)

X – band 10.525 GHz ± 100 MHz 1500-2500M
K – band 24.125 GHz ± 175MHz 250 – 1200M
Ku – band 13.450 GHz ± 125MHz 450 – 1500M
Ka – band 34.700 GHz ± 1300MHz 800 1500M
Laser Beam 904mn ± 33KMHz
VG-2 11.150GHz ± 175MHz
Input Voltage: DC 12V
Language: English & Russian
Detection Mode: City, Highway
Working temperature: -20 to 80 Celsius degrees

Product Features

  • 100% Brand new and high quality
  • This Radar detector features a laser eye detector for a 360 degree laser detection and easy to install.
  • A good helper for drivers to avoid the traffic punishment by sensing the radar signal and reminding the drivers timely
  • Coming with Bands LED Display. LED screen to show the Radar band, and LED light to flashing when radar signal is detected.

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