Car Power Adapter/Charger for nuvis

Nuvi Cigarette Car Charger Do you run out of battery power when you need your Nuvi 200w PDA the most? Dont run out of battery on your Nuvi 200w simply use this in car cigarette charger in your vehicle cigarette lighter socket. With this Nuvi 200w Cigarette PDA Car Charger Cable youll never run out of power while on the road. The slim and stylish car lighter adapter fits cigarette lighters in both foreign and domestic vehicles. Charge and use your Nuvi 200w Handheld at the same time. Special circuitry design protects your unit from overcharging and short-circuiting. The Nuvi 200w car charger comes with a fully retractable coiled cord. Charge your Nuvi 200w in your vehicle on the way to work. Or charge it on the way home. Or while you’re driving to the airport or to a meeting. Anywhere you drive you could be charging your Nuvi 200w PDA. Stuck in traffic? At least your Nuvi 200w is charged so you can use it and be productive.

Product Features

  • Fits the mini USB port on your GPS
  • Excellent quality cable manufactured by MFX2
  • For use with any 12V lighter, will not put your GPS in PC sync mode like some other cables

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  1. Y. Ding says:

    Read this to get it to work with your Nuvi! 0

  2. Karen Bostwick "karenlynnn" says:

    poorly consructed 0

  3. Paul Klenoff "value hunter" says:

    Garmin charger 0