Car Dashboard Video Camera HD 1080P Includes Bonus Products 16GB Micro Memory Card & Dual USB Car Charger

Features: – Automatic seamless video recording in loop to use the storage efficiently, with the earliest unlocked video clips being overwritten when reaching the storage card’s maximal capacity. Customizable video clip length of 1, 3, 5 and 10 minutes. – One-button audio recording on/off for privacy protection concerns. Manually adjustable microphone sensitivity when recroding audio. – One-button picture taking at the resolution of 5M pixels. – One-button emergency video recording and locking. – Customizable automatic display off while recording for energy saving. – Ignition detection: The device is automatically turned on and recording when the engine starts, and automatically turned off shortly after the engine is off. – Motion detection: The device automatically pauses video recording 30 seconds after the vehicle stops moving, and automatically resumes recording when the vehicle starts to move. – Crash detection: Highly-sensitive G-sensor powered automatic video recording and video file locking when a collision or crash is detected. The sensitivity of the G-sensor can be set to low, mid and high levels. – Vibration detection: In parking, the device is automatically turned on and recording when a vibration is detected. – Monitoring while parking: Time Lapse Recording allows a quick and storage-saving overview record during parking (or while driving if manually set).

Product Features

  • 2.4-Inch Windshield/Dashboard Car DVR , HD Dash Cam, DVR Accident Video Recorder with 135°View Angle, Full HD 1080P with G-Sensor for Auto-Recording: Easy installation with a lockable suction cup mount.
  • Different video/audio recording modes for different needs: Record video with the choices of 480p, 720p and 1080p at 30fps frame rate, Video frame rate: 30fps . Internal storage: 32M NORFLASH Still picture/photo resolution:5M pixels. External Storage support: Up to 32GB TF card time lapse recording, one-button emergency video recording and saving, one-button audio recording on/off. Manually adjustable brightness, contrast, white balance settings.
  • Crystal clear full high definition video quality. Video resolutions: 1920×1080, 1280×720, 640×480 Video format/Video encoding/Audio encoding: AVI/H.264/AAC. Low light compensation, ensuring high video quality even for driving in the evening. One-button picture taking at the resolution of 5M pixels. Camera view angle of 135° with a rotatable arm, providing very wide view.
  • Smart and convenient recording/monitoring: Automatic ignition/motion/crash/vibration detection and recording with G-sensor, monitoring while parking, automatic display off for energy saving, automatic device off after engine off. Low light compensation ensures good video recording quality even in the evening

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2 Responses to Car Dashboard Video Camera HD 1080P Includes Bonus Products 16GB Micro Memory Card & Dual USB Car Charger

  1. Barli says:

    One of the Best Investments You Could Make! This camera is such a great investment and for less than $30, you can’t beat it!! I live in an area with horrible drivers. I know I know, everyone thinks that, but there are so many accidents every single day that the police had to create a whole second blotter to cover them all and car insurance is through the roof. I am so happy to have this camera in my car for if God forbid I need it.The instructions came in English and Chinese. I…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I got this Dashboard camera because we have newer drivers in our household and also because you never know when an accident will happen here. We are nearing tourist season here. Tourists seem to get confused easily when driving and create more accidents then we have already. Last year we were in a minor fender bender that wasn’t our fault but that did $8,000 in damage to our car. Luckily we were hit by an honest driver… because as it appeared to the officer who arrived at the scene… we were…