Camco Mfg 55242 30-Amp Power Grip Plug

Camco Mfg 30 Amp Power Grip Replacement Plug features a 30 ampere plug with grip bulk. This replaces your power cord plugs and includes a handle for easy usage.

Product Features

  • For replacing 30 AMP plug on extension cord
  • Convenient pull handle
  • Handles are molded and made of heavy-duty polyvinyl plastic
  • Certified for use in the US and Canada
  • Easy to install

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3 Responses to Camco Mfg 55242 30-Amp Power Grip Plug

  1. Jason says:

    Easy Replacement Like another reviewer the male plug on my 30A line slowly began deteriorating and eventually I found a crack on it. At that point it was time to be replaced.Replacement plugs both for male and female are generally pretty simplistic and this one is no exception. It took about 10 minutes to replace the original male end that was molded onto the cable with this Camco end. The molded handle on this one is a plus which should make it much easier to plug and unplug.After it…

  2. AprilWhine says:

    Almost did not order this because the one I had that broke looked just like it. 0

  3. M. H. Scott "gadget guy" says:

    A LEGAL, easy, plug repair I wondered when I ordered this if it would be as easy to install as people said. I could see in the picture someone provided that the wire tightening screws all faced straight in toward the center. My experience- yes, it is easy. Those connectors all pull out, so you attach the wire, then poke it back in the hole. The screws that hold it together are all rather long, so a drill or power screwdriver speeds things up a lot. BTW, RVers, you might want to know about why I had to replace my…