Camco 48865 3/4″ Scissor Jack Socket with Quick Connect

Significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to raise and lower scissor jacks with Camco’s Quick Connect Scissor Jack Socket. There is no more back strain using time-consuming hand cranks, simply snap the socket into the 1/4″ hex chuck of your drill and let the power drill do all the work. You can also common 1/4″ hex extensions for extra reach. It is especially convenient in inclement weather when you just want to get back inside. The Camco Leveling Scissor Jack Socket is forged in one piece from carbon steel, so it is durable and meant to last a lifetime. It is zinc plated to provide protection against corrosion.

Product Features

  • Reduces time and effort to raise or lower scissor jacks.  No need for hand cranks.
  • ¾ Hex Socket X 1/4-inch hex quick connect shank
  • Designed to work with 1/4-inch hex quick connect chucks
  • Works with all 3/4″ Hex drive jacks
  • Heavy-duty forged construction

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3 Responses to Camco 48865 3/4″ Scissor Jack Socket with Quick Connect

  1. Swany says:

    Better Than Socket Before buying this I was using a socket from a socket wrench set with a hex adapter so it would fit in my drill. This product is better in three ways. First, my solution was two piece and often the socket would come off the hex adapter and stay on the jack as I pulled the drill away. This can’t happen with this product’s one piece design. Second, it is six sided and the socket I was using was twelve sided. With six sides this product applies torque to the sides of the jack’s nut, not just the…

  2. Apollumi says:

    the easy way

  3. Brillot2000 says:

    Jack Be Nimble, Jack Is Down I bought this item to save setup time, how many of us want to these days?I do not know many RVers that enjoy toiling with the scissor jacks on their RVs. We all want something that can make a tedious task done as quickly as possible. Look no further, this is the item we all need. Once this socket has been installed into a cordless drill, a scissor jack can be on the ground in under ten seconds.If your drill has a selectable torque clutch, it can be set to stop once…