Camco 45167 SunShield Reflective Door Window Cover

Protect the interior of your RV from UV rays and assist with temperature control with Camco’s SunShield Reflective Window Cover. Designed of air-filled cells encapsulated in lightweight, flexible polypropylene between two layers of reflective film. They attach with a simple hook and loop fasteners for easy installation. Specifically designed for door windows, these covers measure 16.25 inch x 25.25 inch.

Product Features

  • Helps control the temperature of your RV
  • Protect your RV from harmful UV rays
  • Hook and loop fasteners allow for easy installation
  • Measures 16.25 inch x 25.25 inch and fold for easy storage
  • Designed for use on door windows

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2 Responses to Camco 45167 SunShield Reflective Door Window Cover

  1. andrew martin says:

    Thought it would work better….

  2. T. Voss says:

    These SunShields Work Perfectly