Camco 39463 Sewer Cap with Hose Connection

Camco RV Sewer Cap with Hose Connection is used to cap your sewer connection and prevent leaks. Cap with hose connection allows you to drain grey water tank easily. Bayonet style tabs lock securely to the RV drain valve.

Product Features

  • Caps the sewer connection to prevent leaks
  • Caps with hose connection that allows to drain grey water tank easily
  • Bayonet style tabs lock securely to RV drain valve
  • Made of highly durable plastic
  • Easy to install and easy to use

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3 Responses to Camco 39463 Sewer Cap with Hose Connection

  1. J. H. Smith says:

    EASY, CLEAN, SAFE WAY TO FLUSH AND BACK FLUSH YOUR RV WASTE WATER SYSTEM. This cap is perfect for back flushing and rinsing your holding tanks. It is easy to do with this Cap.1) Dump Black Water tank at the dump station.2) Close black water dump Valve.3) attach this Camco Sewer Cap with hose connection.4) Attach hose to cap.5) Open Black water gate valve.6) turn on water to back fill black water tank. CAUTION: DO NOT OVER FILL TANK. Water will back up through the vent valve and force nasty water out all over the RV roof if you…

  2. Amy G. says:

    These are the best poop chute lids you can get.

  3. zolin says:

    Great inexpensive dual purpose hardware! I had “V” brand which only had two or three securing posts to lock it. This one has four which makes it a much tighter fit so you will avoid leaks. Good quality and a must for draining grey water or to attach a garden hose for flushing tanks. Make sure you have enough water pressure, attach a hose coupler and screw onto your garden hose. Caution. make sure one of your flush valves is open before you turn your water pressure on to flush. Otherwise if the valve is closed the pressure…