Bybest Smart Tech Store Car Charger SIM Card GSM / GPS Tracker / Professional Ear Bug / Listening Device Voice Callback

Realtime target listening
Realtime target location lock
Sound Trigger call back function
Displace or Vibration Auto call back alarm
Compatible with all gsm sim card , work as a cell phone
controlled by remote cellphone sms
auto switch on when a sim card inserted and housing is closed
Net Weight:28g
Product Size:83x27x25 mm
Packing Size:105x55x45mm
Gross Weight:71g
No flashing light, sounds or vibration when activated by your cell phone
Compatible with all GSM SIM card
Microphone Built-in
Super-sensitive audio surveillance
Sound Trigger Call Back Function
Rechargeable polymer li-ion battery built-in
Powered by battery or car DC power

Product Features

  • 1.Real-time positioning : it can pin point locate the car vehicle fast and accurately,which can help you search for the lost car quickly.
  • 2.USB Charger: that is good fit for all kinds of mobile equipments, such as Ipad,smart phone etc.
  • 3.Compatible with all GSM SIM card
  • 4.Replay function, let you know your car track within a month.Remote monitoring, monitor the interior of car anywhere anytime
  • 5.Strong signal, reliable and stable performance

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