Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 PowerSmart Series Portable 3000-Watt Inverter Generator with (4) 120-Volt AC Outlets and (1) 12-Volt DC Outlet

Briggs and Stratton 30545 PowerSmart Inverter Portable Generator

Briggs & Stratton 30545 PowerSmart Series Portable 3000-Watt Inverter Generator
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Designed for Ultimate Portability and Easy Transportation

The Briggs & Stratton 30545 PowerSmart Series Portable Inverter Generator is perfect for camping, tailgating and even powering food trucks. This generator produces instant power to keep appliances and other important electronics powered during trips in your RV and in your home and is often used by food truck operators to power large appliances. Unique twin handles and a luggage-style telescoping handle design make it easy to transport the generator from one location to the next. Designed for ultimate portability, the P3000 is great for camping, tailgating or any other on-the-go power necessities.

Computer-Controlled Engine Adjusts Automatically

Powered by an OHV engine with 3,000 starting watts and 2,600 running watts, this inverter generator features computer-controlled technology that continuously adjusts the engine speed to meet your power needs. The inverter technology delivers quieter, efficient and consistent power to power only the items you need, save fuel and increase run time. The unit features a 1.5-gallon fuel tank for an impressive 10-hours of continuous operation at 25-percent load. Running at a quiet 59-decibel noise level, the P3000 powers multiple appliances at once without the noise and hassle of traditional camping generators.

Multiple Outlets Ideal for Sensitive Electronics

The P3000 comes with (4) 120 volts household outlets, (1) 120 volts 30 amp outlet, (1) USB port and (1) 12 volts DC accessory battery charging outlet to meet all of your power needs. Inverter technology produces less than 3-percent harmonic distortion, making this generator safe for powering laptops, TVs, gaming systems and other sensitive electronic devices. Multiple outlets and smoother power make the P3000 ideal for powering lights, radios, small appliances, cell phones and more.

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Two-Person Carry and Never Go Flat Wheels

The unique twin handle is engineered for an easy two-person carry and increased mobility. Designed with portability in mind, this inverter generator also features 6-inch Never Go Flat wheels to endure transportation on any type of terrain.

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Parallel Port with Rubber Outlet Cover

This unit features a parallel connector port for use with PowerSmart Parallel Kits. Use the port to connect two different units together and use the rubber outlet covers to protect the port when it’s not in use. Use with Briggs & Stratton Parallel Kit model no. 30545

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Luggage-Style Telescoping Handle

The luggage-style telescoping handle is easy to withdraw from the bottom of the generator and also increases the mobility of the device. Quickly transport this portable generator from one location to the next with a variety of transportation options.

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LCD StatStation Display

Use the LCD StatStation Display to constantly monitor the amount of power being provided and help prevent power overloads. The easy-to-read display is illuminated to show the amount of power being used, total unit hours and other maitenence reminders including oil, air filter and spark plug changes.

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PowerSmart Parallel Kit

For additional power, purchase a second unit and combine both of them with the PowerSmart Parallel Kit. The parallel kit comes equipped with an RV outlet and provides enough power to run a typical RV air conditioner with extra power to spare.

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Integrated USB Port

The integrated USB port is unique to the P3000 and can be used to charge tablets, cell phones or other electronic devices with a USB cord. This port frees up the additional outlets so that they can be used to power lights and other appliances.

Product Features

  • Clean and instant power to keep appliances and other important electronics running during a power outage
  • Quieter than a traditional camping generator with enough power to start a standard RV air conditioner
  • 1.5-gallon fuel tank for an impressive 10-hours of continuous operation at 25-percent load on a full tank
  • (4) household outlets (1) 12-volt 30-amp locking outlet with RV adaptor DC charging outlet and a USB port
  • 2-year limited warranty

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3 Responses to Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 PowerSmart Series Portable 3000-Watt Inverter Generator with (4) 120-Volt AC Outlets and (1) 12-Volt DC Outlet

  1. TampaGary says:

    EXCELLENT GENERATOR! EXCELLENT GENERATOR!!! Was all set to buy a similar model Honda generator at almost $800.00 more to run my AC on my travel trailer, but I decided to take a chance and try this one. GREAT DECISION! Put the oil and fuel in and it started on the very first pull right out of the box. My business neighbor has the Honda unit and we did a side by side comparison. This one is actually slightly smaller and lighter (and you will love the built-in collapsible handle and solid wheels – costs extra on…

  2. BigDawg48 says:

    Absolutely Awesome Generator!!!! I was looking for a generator I could use for my tailgates and instances when power was either out our not avaliable. I looked at Honda inverter generators which are good but VERY expensive! After much research, I decided to go with Briggs Inverter. I am so glad I did!I researched for 2 weeks prior to making purchase. I decided to buy and the package arrived fine. Generator save and sound. Was worried a bit about the sound but on first test it was very quite compared to…

  3. silver says:

    One of the best! We needed a small powerful generator for our large Fifth Wheel. This worked so well, we are getting a second one since they are able to connect to each other for more power. One generator allowed us to run full size fridge, TV, satellite, one generator and convection oven at one time. We need an additional generator to run the second A/C with all of the above during extremely hot weather. Set up fairly simple. Oil fill easy with small funnel (you will need to remove 2 small screws to open the…