Brandmotion 9002-7608 2012 to 2013 Nissan NV Camera

This camera is compatible with the 2012-Current Nissan NV. Our line of rear vision cameras for fleet vehicles and work trucks take any guesswork out of driving large vehicles in reverse. Designed to integrate seamlessly with the manufacture’s original equipment, the rear vision cameras add significant safety enhancements for drivers without the typical aftermarket experience. This backup camera solution features an OEM fit into the third brake lamp lens in the NV, infrared for excellent night vision and a 20 degree adjustable viewing angle. It also includes a 32 foot extension harness and a CMD-III 1/4″ high performance digital clarity sensor for excellent resolution.

Product Features

  • Integrates cleanly onto rear lamp pod.
  • Features a CMD-III high performance sensor for excellent resolution and an infrared lens for night vision.
  • Includes a 32′ harness to incorporate into larger fleet vehicles.

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