Bracketron UCH-101-BL Universal Cup-iT II Mount with Grip-iT for GPS

A quick and easy cup holder mounting kit that secures most portable devices. The Cup-iT’s sturdy flex shaft and 360° rotating capability adds more versatility for easier viewing and access and a secure base. Also included is the Grip-iT Mobile Device Holder that works with almost any portable device. The kit installs in seconds into your vehicle’s existing cup holder. The Cup-iT is compatible with most standard size cup holder openings up to 3.75” in diameter. Includes a 1 year warranty.

Product Features

  • Fits large cup holder sizes up to3.75″ in diameter
  • Transfers to multiple vehicles
  • Grip-iT adjusts out to 4.5″ wide
  • Fits most portable electronic devices
  • No tools required for installation
  • Fits Securely in the Cup Holder of Your Car or Truck
  • Includes the Universal Grip iT Device Holder Which Holds Virtually any Mobile Device
  • Adjusts to Fit Cup Holders as Large as 3.75 inches in Diameter
  • Grip iTs Arms Adjust in Multiple Directions
  • No Tools Required for Installation

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3 Responses to Bracketron UCH-101-BL Universal Cup-iT II Mount with Grip-iT for GPS

  1. J. Blattman says:

    excellent product / price it’s not very often that i feel like i got a fair deal for my money. i was very surprised with this product though. i bought it on a whim, not really expecting it to first impression was that of solid construction. very heavy duty plastic. the flexible neck is thick and strong and won’t move even holding the heaviest device.i was fairly sure this wouldn’t mount well in my 2010 honda fit. the cup holders are all a little oddly shaped. one was small. the other was…

  2. Waylo says:

    Quality plastic, but flexible neck is short! I purchased this item after I purchased an Android phone (which has a great built-in GPS app). I had previously used a Tomtom AIO GPS, attached via a suction cup, onto a dashboard beanbag mount. Wanting to minimize the gadget accessories in my car, I was hoping this would fit the bill and hold my cell phone while driving.PROS:*Pretty decent quality plastic, not as flimsy as other cheapo made-in-china accessories*Decent securing mechanism. The bottom sits in the cup…

  3. gadget gal says:

    Perfect for HTC Droid Incredible and similar devices I’m pleasantly surprised! This fits my HTC Droid Incredible perfectly, and would also work with an Ipod or GPS unit.The side arms are independently adjustable, so that each “finger” can be spread apart as far as needed to keep volume control buttons and the charge port accessible. I have them far apart on one side of the unit, and close together on the other…because I can.The neck bends like sturdy heavy wire and holds its shape.The base is expandable with an easy…