BOSS Audio BV11.2MC Mobile-Video Flip-Down 11.2-inch Screen Monitor DVD/CD/USB/SD/MP4/MP3 Player with Remote

Boss Audio BV11.2MC 11.2-Inch Flip-Down Monitor

Platinum Online Dealer Warranty

3 Year BOSS Audio Platinum Online Dealer Warranty When Purchased From Amazon. com

FM Modulator

If you prefer something other than the using the IR transmitter, you can use the FM modulator that is built into the BV11.2MC. What you can do here is to have the BV11.2MC transmit a set of pre-chosen FM signals to your head unit/receiver which in turn sends it to either your existing car speakers or your wireless headphones making it possible for you to hear the audio portion of your DVD/CD.

General Features

• 1024 x 768 Resolution • Widescreen TFT Display • DVD±R/RW Video • CD±R/RW Audio & Video • MP3

Dual Channel IR Transmitter

Through the menu selection, the BV11.2MC has the ability send out two different signals for your headphones to pick up, channel A and channel B. This feature works as long as your headphones also have the dual channel capability. For example, one headphone can pick up channel A and you are able to listen to your BV11.2MC. If you have another video unit, you can just flip the switch on your second set of headphones to channel B and listen to that one. Both headphones can be switched between channels A and B to listen to either video source by a simple flip of a button on your wireless headphones.

Interchangeable Colored Housings

The BV11.2MC comes with 3 interchangeable housing colors which makes it easier for you to match the interior of your vehicle. The colors include Black, Grey and Tan.

Built In DVD Player

You can enjoy your favorite DVD videos as well as your CD audio & video’s without having to go through the hassle of purchasing and hooking up a second unit to play your DVD/CD’s through.

30º Swivel Rotation

Making it even easier to get the best viewing angle, you can turn the monitor portion of the BV11.2MC 30 degrees left and 30 degrees right.

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USB & SD Ports

CD’s and DVD’s are not the only options you available. You can also use a USB flash drive or an SD memory card to achieve the same goals for your Audio/Video entertainment needs. IMPORTANT: The BV11.2MC accepts two formats under these conditions. DivX and AVI.

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Inputs and Outputs

Audio/Video Inputs & Outputs

Product Features

  • Resolution: 1024 x 600
  • Built-in Infrared Transmitter
  • USB/SD/MMC Card Ports
  • Audio/Video Input Connections
  • Swivel Bracket Permits 30° Left/Right Rotation

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3 Responses to BOSS Audio BV11.2MC Mobile-Video Flip-Down 11.2-inch Screen Monitor DVD/CD/USB/SD/MP4/MP3 Player with Remote

  1. Hugh says:

    Awesome DVD players 0

  2. nick says:

    Nice size screen, FM Modulator and Wireless head phones work great! Pros:Prefect screen size: 12.1″Screen adjusts for tilt and swivel rotationWireless head phones work greatFM modulator also a great featureInstallation is straight forward even with a sunroofCons:Need to buy installation hardware (screw or bolts) for both mounting bracket and DVD player unit.No volume controls on player, need remote to control most basic functions. Would be awful if remote was broken or lost.My experience with…

  3. Jen Butryn says:

    Great product, but no one would install it Love the product…but….. if you do not already have a place for them in your vehicle and are not buying this as a replacement, it could cost over $1000 to have it put in. Vehicles that do not have a factory DVD player are not equipped with a brace to support the DVD player. To put a brace in, they have to remove the entire roof, which is costly for labor, most places won’t do it, I went to best buy and several other local places to see if they could install it in my minivan, most…