Bluetooth V3.0 Music Receiver, DBPOWER BA-600 Car Charger With FM Transmitter Function, Hands-free + AUX Cable, Car Wireless Bluetooth Solutions

DBPOWER BLUETOOTH GADGET – Nothing is impossible!

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Unique Appearence / Experience your tunes in high definition / Play from sunrise to sunset / Broad Compatibility

DBPOWER BA-600 is a Bluetooth car charger; you can transmit FM / AUX device’s Bluetooth signals (music and call) from your Bluetooth device, it also has a 5V, 2A USB charger output; You can also in Aux connection DBPOWER is BA-600 3.5mm Aux-out enjoy with 3.5 mm in your car, then you can play stereo music and answer each call through your car stereo, if your car not via the aux-in jack, stereo music and phone call can be transferred to your car stereo via FM 88.1M, 96.7 million euros or 107.9.

Technical Characteristics:
Bluetooth: Bluetooth V3.0
Support FM: 88.1M, 96.7 million euros and 107.9 million
Support AUX output
Range: 10 m (without blockages)
Support: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
RF frequency range: 2.4GHz-2.48GHz
Operating Environment: -10 to + 50 ℃

What is in the box:
1 * DBPOWER BA-600 charger Musikempfaenger
1 * AUX cable
1 * Manual (English, German and Italian)

Every DBPOWER Product includes a 30 days money back & 18-month worry-free Guarantee!


Buy it. You will love it.

Product Features

  • Music or call switching, free and relaxed. Super clear and flow conversation effect. Deliver fluently your favorite music, GPS voice navigation.
  • FM model: DBPOWER BA-600 has three different optional appointed frequencies 88.1M,96.7 M, 107.9M, When tuning to the FM appointed frequency in your car same with BA-600 FM appointed frequency ,you can enjoy the music or answer the phone calls through your car audio system
  • Two-link: BA-600 can connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time
  • Automatically connection: connect to the last connected phone and begin to work in sync when starting the car. And also supports memory function.
  • 5V 2A charger output: provide power to phone, pad, laptop and so on

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3 Responses to Bluetooth V3.0 Music Receiver, DBPOWER BA-600 Car Charger With FM Transmitter Function, Hands-free + AUX Cable, Car Wireless Bluetooth Solutions

  1. E. Lee Zimmerman "Trekscribbler (aka Ed)" says:

    It Took Me A Few Attempts, But I Did Get This To Work Quite Well (Might Take Some User Adjustments To Maximize Results) As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews on related items, my wife drives our brand-spanking-new auto. She’s the primary breadwinner as I’m exploring career life in a whole new spectrum (one which keeps me largely at home), and that means I get the back-up vehicle. I do get behind the wheel of our 2015 Toyota on the weekends, and I’m constantly amazed with all of the Bluetooth gadgetry once properly linked in with my iPhone 4.Little did I know that – for…

  2. Inwester says:

    Great clear Bluetooth FM transmitter, even in the NYC area. I received this for a discounted price of $5 for test purposes.My car is a 2007 model year and doesn’t have Bluetooth or even an auxiliary port. I’ve always wanted to buy one of these transmitters, but every time I checked GOgroove the price was $45 and I personally never thought it was worth it. Then my spouse recently got a new car, with Bluetooth and Pandora app and all that good stuff. Now I really needed a Bluetooth transmitter in my car, so when I got an offer for DB Power…

  3. Sean H says:

    Powerful! I love music and now my car can play my jams! This is a powerful device that lets you use the power of your phone in your car. It allows you to use your phone and play everything through your speakers.What this devise allows you to do:Connect your phone to you car stereoAllows you to charge any devise through its usb portWhat is included:1 * DBPOWER BA-600 charger Musikempfaenger1 * AUX cable1 * Manual (English, German and Italian)…