Beltronics V10 Radar/Laser Detector

Drive safely and save money with the V10. The V10S Lightning fast microprocessor can detect and process a signal in 500 milliseconds. This industry leading response time is Crucial against laser and instant on Radar. No other detector provides this level of response. The V10 includes full x, K, super wide KA, and safety warning system Radar capability, front and rear laser detection, digital signal processing (DSP) for superior range and reduced false alarms, our patented mute and automute, audible and visual band alerts, and all the performance youd expect from Beltronics. In addition, the V10 introduces a new level of revolutionary performance and innovative features.

Product Features

  • Extended range: allows the Device to detect faraway Radar and laser signals
  • Autoscan technology: ensures quiet performance
  • Digital voice alerts: let you keep your eyes on the road while driving
  • Programmable design: allows you to customize the detector to your own driving style
  • Operating bands: x-band: 10.525 GHz 25 MHz, k-band: 24.150 GHz 100 MHz, ka-band: 34.700 GHz 1300 MHz, & laser: 904nm, 33Mhz bandwidth

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3 Responses to Beltronics V10 Radar/Laser Detector

  1. MCS says:

    A super solid proven performer This is a really nice detector with the features it has. Ka USA and TSR help it filter out most moving falses and traffic sensors. I’ve never experienced a single Ka or laser false with it. If this alerts to Ka, drop the anchor because there’s a road pirate clocking people in the vicinity. Excellent range and it’s compatible with Escort Live by adding an optional cable which uses bluetooth to let your smartphone be the display, lock out stationary falses by GPS, and share alerts with others on…

  2. CEC says:

    It is a Bel Pro 300 for less $$ So far, so good. I got this because I had a good experience with the V955. I did my homework on this and the Escort S55. At the end of the day I kept this one because it has voice alerts and the user interface is better. I got this because I can turn off any setting (X, K, etc.).This the same as Bel Pro 300 (which is pretty highly rated).It will false if you go by a door or another car with BSM. I turned off X and K band because Ka is used where I work and live. Well…

  3. Anonymous says: