Battery Tender 021-1163 5W Solar Maintainer

Harness the power of the sun with this Battery Tender 5-Watt Solar Panel with built-in smart charging controller. It’s 100% portable and ideal for battery charging and maintenance, and for storage space without power access. Battery Tender solar panels are the only panels available with a built-in charge controller to prevent overcharging.

Product Features

  • 5W solar panel with built-in battery tender super-smart charging
  • 100% portable battery charging & maintenance controller
  • 12V nominal voltage/270Ma
  • Temperature-compensation sensor
  • Spark proof
  • Built-in 3-step microcontroller for precise charging
  • Waterproof and sparkproof for outdoor installations
  • Easy, do-it-yourself installation
  • Built-in temperature compensation sensor
  • 12V nominal voltage 270 mAmps

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3 Responses to Battery Tender 021-1163 5W Solar Maintainer

  1. Eddie R Lopez says:

    Works Great! UPDATE REVIEW POSTED 11/20/14 I purchased a Deltran Battery Tender JR 5 years ago as well as a motorcycle battery. Both the battery tender and the battery are still going strong 5 years later, this is not a typo! Yes, I said 5 years! Anyone who owns a motorcycle (especially a Harley) knows that you typically replace batteries every 2 years. Because of the performance of my battery tender Jr I decided to pick up this Deltran Solar Panel. I recently had to move my bike to a garage with no electricity and had to install the…

  2. Capt. G. says:

    Miracles Never Cease My wife’s uncle & aunt, who live in the mountains above the city of Rizal, Philippines, was having to haul a car battery in and out of the mountains on a weekly basis to get it charged. It was used for their one light bulb in the house.In addition to springing for two new batteries, I found this Battery Tender, online. I know having a regulator for the incoming charge was necessary. It has one. It had to be tough, not only to make the trip in the mail to the Philippines, it had to…

  3. Joey the K says:

    Excellent Charger I purchased this Solar Battery Charger to maintain the battery in my vehicle while it is not in use for extended periods of time. Nearly all cars have alarm systems and other devices which draw power from the battery on a continuous basis. This current drain can reduce the battery voltage enough to cause Sulfides to form on the plates of the battery. When this happens, the battery is doomed to an early death. The solar charger generates just enough power to counteract the small current…