AnyTone Smart CB Mobile Radio/transceiver 10Meter with FM/AM mode, Frequency Range:26.565-27.99125MHZ Power output 4 Watts FM/AM Radios Mobile Transceiver


Modulation Mode:AM/FM

Frequency Range:26.565-27.99125MHz

Frequency Tolerance:0.005%

Input Voltage:13.2V



Frequency control:PLL Synthesizer

Operating Temperature range:-20℃ to +50 ℃

Current Drain: Transmit: with push-to-talk/UP/DN and coiled cord,Receive: 2A MAX,VOL Max:Squelched 0.3A


Antenna Connector:UHF,SO-239


Power Output:4 Watts FM/AM

Transmission interference:inferior to 4nW(-54dBm)

Frequency Response:300-3000Hz

Modulated signal distortion: inferior to 5%

Output Impedance:50 ohms


Sensitivity:Less than 1uV for 10dB(S+N)/N

Image Rejection: 70dB

Adjacent Channel Rejection:60dB

IF Frequencies:1st 10.695Mhz 2nd 455KHz

Automatic Gain Control(AGC):Less than 10dB change in audio,output for inputs from 10 to 50000uV

Squelch:less than 1uV

Audio Output power:1 Watts

Frequency Response:300-3000Hz

Product Features

  • 1.Modulation Mode:AM/FM
  • 2.Frequency Range:26.565-27.99125MHZ
  • 3.Power output:4 Watts FM/AM
  • 4.Frequency Control:PLL Synthesizer
  • 5.With push-to-talk/UP/DN and coiled cord

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