Amtrak Solar Attic Fan, 35 Watt Solar Panel, High Efficiency Fan Blades

For any solar fan to perform well it will need power from solar panel. If the solar panel is low wattage the fan motor will not get enough power to run the fan. Amtrak solar provides 35 watt high quality crystalline solar panel unlike competitors which offer only 13 watts solar panel. This fan it could be installed in the gable vent or anywhere in attic. This is a 12 volt DC fan configured to work with solar panel. It has high efficiency fan blades for best performance. Fan turns on as soon as the sunlight hits the solar panel and runs all day. Keeps the house cool and ventilated with fresh air circulation all day. Do not need to make holes in the roof to install solar fan it can be installed in gable vent. No need of electricians, no permits, no inspections. Wiring is quick and easy. Cubic feet per minute on the fan is 1750. Solar panel generally produce power for over 30 years. Solar panels comes with 4 mounting brackets for solar panel. Instructions are included. 15′ feet of wire included with quick connect fitting. Built in the U. S. A.

Product Features

  • Powerful 35 Watt Solar Panel (Three times more powerful than competition)
  • High wattage & Most powerful fan motor.
  • Efficient Fan Blade
  • 10 Year Warranty

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2 Responses to Amtrak Solar Attic Fan, 35 Watt Solar Panel, High Efficiency Fan Blades

  1. Casper Grey says:

    Very impressed with it!!!!! Just tested it out, WOW!!!! It’s perfect! First the picture does it no justice ” seller you may want to update picture” the solar panel is way better than the one shown, it’s a monocristal and says 35 watts, the one in the pic looks cheep, this is a high quality solar panel . Second the fan looks a bit different but in a good way, it’s about 4-5 inches deep and made really well, in the pic it looks thin and cheep, the one I got, very good quality. I tested it outside with full sun,…

  2. Wanda L. Wheeler says:

    Small fan blade for unit.