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Product Features

  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL CARRIERS IN THE U.S. AND CANADA: American Booster’s VOLTEX 50 CAR PLUS boosts 3G, 4G LTE voice signal and improves data speeds for all North American cellular carriers including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Bell Canada, Rogers and many more.
  • EASY SETUP: The VOLTEX 50 CAR PLUS Signal Booster includes all components needed for installation.
  • SUPPORTS MULTPLE USERS SIMULTANEOUSLY ON ALL MOBILE DEVICES: American Booster’s VOLTEX 50 CAR PLUS supports multiple users and is compatible with all mobile phones and devices such as iOS, Android, Windows, and more.
  • NO ADDITIONAL FEES: There is no additional monthly fee for using VOLTEX 50 CAR PLUS.
  • INCREASES SIGNAL STRENTH AND IMPROVES CALL QUALITY: American Booster’s VOLTEX 50 CAR PLUS amplifies weak signal by 50 dB gain, the maximum power allowed by the FCC.

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