AIMS Power PICOGLF30W12V120VR 3000 Watt 12V Pure Sine Inverter Charger

The 3000 Watt 12 Volt low frequency AIMS Power inverter charger transforms DC (direct current) power, stored by batteries, into AC (alternating current) electricity that can be used to run your various tools and appliances. This inverter also has a built in AC-to-DC battery converter charger, which allows users to recharge their battery bank from an AC source such as a fuel-powered generator, shore power or a regular outlet at home. The built in battery charger features a seven type battery selector and 3 stage charging, for safely and effectively charging your battery source. Use this product for renewable solar, off-grid, mobile and emergency backup power applications anywhere that uses 110 or 120 volts of alternating current. This product also has auto frequency detection that allows users to operate at either 50 or 60 Hertz. This inverter is equipped with a 9000 watt surge capacity for up to 20 seconds, specifically for devices with high startup needs, like motors, compressors and pumps.

Product Features

  • 3000 Watt continuous pure sine power
  • 9000 Watt peak power for 20 seconds
  • Built in 100A smart battery charger with 7 selectable battery type settings
  • Auto gen start feature
  • Marine and industrial grade

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2 Responses to AIMS Power PICOGLF30W12V120VR 3000 Watt 12V Pure Sine Inverter Charger

  1. Jim says:

    Clean, steady sine wave output from this 12VDC – 120VAC inverter!. Very good quality of workmanship in this product … AIMS Power PICOGLF30W12V120VR 3000 Watt InverterThis low frequency pure sine wave inverter does exactly what it’s advertised to do! I connected two large AGM batteries and examined the AC output on my oscilloscope. The AC was clean and steady at 122 VAC. Next, I connected an AC sine wave input from my 3000 watt generator. The transfer switch worked perfectly and quickly. I then observed the multistage battery charger, and it also worked perfectly! Very good quality of workmanship…

  2. Doug says:

    Well Done