46 Daihatsu Hijet (8th Gen) S100 Campervan (1996)

Daihatsu Hijet (8th Generation) (1994-99) Engine 1200cc

Registration Number N 459 BTF


The original Hijet was a 360cc kei class van and truck launched in 1960.


The eigth generation was launched at the 1993 Tokyo Motorshow, going on sale January 1994. The S100 was the two wheel drive version, while the four wheel drive models were designated S110, The passenger-oriented Atrai received S120 and S130 chassis code.

The Hijet van also makes a very useful camper van conversion, microcampers and day vans.


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Shot at Shugborough Hall Car Show, Milford, Staffordshire 13:08:2013 Ref 86-046


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