16.4ft(5M) 5050 300LEDs/pc RGB multi-color Waterproof(IP-65) SMD Flexible Strip light with 44key IR Remote Controller

If you need cove lighting fast, take advantage of our 12-volt LED strip light waterproof kit. With high flexibility and 3M self-adhesive tape on back,

the versatile light is easy for anyone to install. Simply stick tape side on to desired location, including uneven surfaces, narrow spaces, the undersides of desks, cabinets or any place that could use extra lighting.

TORCHSTAR strip light kit is not only hassle-free, it’s extremely money saving in the long run.

Choose from various lengths based on your specific needs, and be sure to check out our selection of accessories and controllers that are necessary for operation.

The RGB strip uses super bright SMD LED as a light source, making it easy for you to design a well-lit space.

RGB remote controller is perfect for anyone who loves lots of options in addition to programmable buttons!

44-key IR remote controller:

8 Light Pattern: Quick / Slow / Auto / Flash / 7 color fade change / 3 color fade change / 7 color jumpy change / 3 color jumpy change R / G / B increase and decrease control

6 DIY keys: refer to manual to get detailed operation – 44 keys infrared controller which has 6 keys (DIY keys) to store as memory the colors you prefer.


Input for power adapter: 100-240V

Working voltage: 12V DC

Max. load for power adapter: 60W

Color: RGB color changing

LED density: 300 LEDs/5M, 60 LEDs/M

Beam angle: 120 degrees

IP: 65 (for damp location)

Dimensions: 5000mm (L) x 10mm (W) x 2mm (H)

Safety Notice

Indoor use only. Do not use in wet locations. Route or secure the power supply cable so that it will not be pinched or damaged.

The strip light is not suitable for dimming and electronic switches.


1 x 5050 strip light

1 x 44-key IR remote

1 x controller

1 x power supply

Product Features

  • Great value complete kit: 16.4ft LED strip, IR remote, controller and power supply. No additional accessory needed.
  • Easy to install: self-adhesive tape on back, secure and simple application
  • Customized length: every 3 LEDs cuttable without damaging rest of the strips, based on your needs
  • Environmentally friendly and low-energy consuming: ultra-bright yet runs on low temperature, no radiation, no flicker
  • 44 Key IR remote with controller box: provides 20 color options and 42 modes

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3 Responses to 16.4ft(5M) 5050 300LEDs/pc RGB multi-color Waterproof(IP-65) SMD Flexible Strip light with 44key IR Remote Controller

  1. hook says:

    watch for wrong product! ****EDITED! PLEASE READ!*** BUY ONLY FROM TORCHSTAR I bought 3 of these, the first 2 companys i bought from gave me 150 led strips, and when i talked to them they didn’t actually have the 300 led strips, so i ended up returning 2 of the strips, babytree was the first company i bought it from, they are still pretending they have 300 strips but they don’t, or atleast they told me they didn’t, don’t buy from them, they are trying to cheat you. the other company abco, said it was a new employee mistake, either way, they fixxed there listing, so…

  2. Zakk Zyphire says:

    PERFECT! I got this to use as mood lighting for my house and it works great, Its super bright and worked flawlessly out of the box. One thing I would recommend if your going to cut this is to buy the connectors for it because the strip is really hard to solider to. This works great with the included controller but I’m using it with a for more flexibility and if your tech savvy I would recommend the same. The thing…

  3. Ryan Banner says:

    Great prodoct and customer support (only order from torchstar) Product: These strips are great they are These leds are can be used as regular lighting or just as accents/mood lighting. The waterproofing is solid. There are many levels of quality of these lights Torchstar carries the higher quality ones you can. I have not seen the 150 led strips as i wanted them to be as bright as possible so i only ordered 300 led strips. One down side to these is that you cant not connect them end to end and each one needs its own power adapter. Even with a…