10 feet 3.5mm AV Video cable for Philips Dual Screen DVD player

Connect to Mini-Plug-compatible DVD Players, LCD Displays, Camcorders and certain phones, iPhones and iPods. COMPATIBLE WITH THE FOLLOWING MODELS: •AY4128 AY4130/05 AY4133 AY4197 •LY02 LY-02 •PB9011/37 •PD7012 PD7012/37 PD7012G/37 PD7012P/37 PD7016 PD7016/37 PD7022/12 PD9012 PD9012/17 PD9012/37 PD9012M/37 PD9012P/37 PD9016 PD9016/37 PD9016P/37 PD9018 PD9122/12 •PET711/98 PET726 PET726/37 PET7402 PET7402/17 PET7402/37 PET7402A/37 PET7402D/05 PET7402S/37 PET9402 PET9402/37 PET9422 •RBPD9012/37B Dual Screen Portable DVD Player Screen-to-screen 3.5mm Av Cable for Philips, Sylvania and More.

Product Features

  • 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male high quality composite video cable. 99.99% Pure Oxygen-Free Wire
  • Products trademarked AMERICAN ADAPTER® are marketed and sold exclusively by AMERICAN BEST ADAPTER.
  • AWG28 Stranded Copper Center Conductor
  • Low-Loss 95% Spiral-Wound Copper Shield
  • All our cables are made from the highest quality materials and are much stronger and thicker than an original cable. AV Cable specially designed and tested to meet the audio and video needs of your device.

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2 Responses to 10 feet 3.5mm AV Video cable for Philips Dual Screen DVD player

  1. Matthew J Ellis says:

    Great cheap replacement 0

  2. Jarrod W. Scranton says:

    Great cable. 0